• Start-ups to collaborate on plans in Galway (IT – 6/08/10)

    A new Irish networking event aims to give start-ups and entrepreneurs a chance to collaborate to develop tailor-made action plans for the year ahead.

    Féile Icarus takes place in Letterfrack, Galway, on August 27th and 28th and invites attendees to share their experiences to help one another identify the next step.

    According to founder Chris Mortimer, the event aims to get individuals talking about what drives them and from there decide where they need to go next.

    “The nature of the event is a room with 50-100 people who crowd-plan their strategy for the next year; they do that through exchanging their plans and answering the question ‘why do I do what I do?’,” he said.

    “That’s why we call it a festival, there’s a passion and even a madness where these people will keep going despite it being difficult to do so.”

    The intended end result is for each person to leave with a “flight plan” for the months ahead and a partner with whom they can work to see it through. Mr Mortimer hopes that these teams will then return at next year’s event to talk about their successes and failures.

    “There are different methods for exchanging information and working out why you do what you do,” he said.

    “The idea really came from my own failures. I’ve spent the last 10-12 years working in start-up businesses and I failed at quite a lot of things and you learn so many things from that.”

    More information is available at feileicarus.com.