That super (not so) secret project I was on about

About a week ago I tweeted about a “super (not so) secret project” that had finally gotten under way. It was a vague reference to something that I had finally made a reality after over a year of thinking, talking, planning and procrastination.

So what is it?

Well, I am proud to announce that is now offering a weekly syndicated column to local and regional newspapers in Ireland. The column consists of gadget reviews and tech tips and is available free to non-overlapping weeklies in the country (assuming they are willing to carry a sponsor’s logo alongside it).

So far two newspapers have signed up to carry the column – The Clare Champion and The Leitrim Observer – and I hope more will get on board in the very near future. As mentioned above the column will be sponsored, although at present I am still talking to a number of companies about them coming on board.

I think tech is increasingly relevant to everyone, not just a small hardcore as it may have been in the past. I hope this column will reflect that and provide relevant and digestible content to newspaper readers up and down the country.

I have high hopes for the column. I’ll keep you posted as to how well placed, or otherwise, they are.


  1. It may not be something you are prepared (or willing) to blog about, but this freelancer at least would be interested in how you went about pitching the idea.


  2. You mean to the individual newspapers?

    It was a fairly straight-forward process, to be honest, complicated only by myself.

    I’d be happy to blog soon if that’s what you mean.


  3. Yes, that’s what I mean. Looking forward to reading it.


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