Issue two of re-launched Village on the way

Michael Smith has just informed Village Magazine readers that the second issue of the re-launched title will hit the shelves this Friday, 5th February.

The magazine had shut its doors in the Summer of 2008 following prolonged attempts by then owner and editor Vincent Browne to make it profitable. The publication was re-launched just before December of last year and aimed to re-focus its remit as a “left-wing, investigative” publication. As part of the first issue Smith and co. offered a €10,000 reward for anyone would could provide comprehensive information about how Libertas was funded during the Lisbon Treaty campaign.

At the time of the re-launch Smith said the magazine would be published twice again before the end of January, although this turned out not to be the case, and if it proved viable would continue monthly from March 2009.

In his recent comment Smith said sales of the November/December issue were “quite encouraging”, clearly enough to justify a second swing at things.

Smith was an investor in Village Magazine when it was founded but walked away some time ago following a disagreement with Vincent Browne. Browne still owns the website but handed control of over to Smith before the re-launch.

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