Irish Blog Awards Long List announced

The Long List for the 2009 Irish Blog Awards has been announced – it is available to read here.

I’ve made the cut in the Best Blog from a Journalist category, so thanks to those who have kept me in the race and hard luck to those who have dropped off.

I stand by my earlier prediction for the category and it’s not false modesty when I say I will be surprised but delighted if I’m short-listed. I must say I’m genuinely happy that the competition in the Journalist’s blog category is so good – it’s not too long ago that there weren’t enough Irish journalists blogging, let alone enough ones worth reading.

So may the best blog win in every category – it’s going to be a tough one to decide who/what that is but I’m sure the judges will get it right. Also, one of many pats on the back for Damien; the behind-the-scenes stuff is vast I’m sure and it’s not like this is his full-time job.

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