• Thanks to whoever nominated me

    The 2009 Irish Blog Awards nominations have been published; the list of nominees is available here.

    This blog has been nominated for the category of Best Blog from a Journalist and I’d like to thank whoever put it forward for the category; I’m genuinely delighted someone felt it was worth their time to do so.

    A big congratulations to everyone else who was nominated; the list is long but considering the size of the Irish blog community being a part of it puts you in the minority and means someone out there likes what you’re doing.

    Technically this list is the long long list; the nominees will be judged by a panel and reduced to a long list and later to a short list. After that a winner will be decided but I’m not sure how; though that will be made clear in the weeks ahead if it hasn’t already.

    So best of luck to everyone in the coming weeks as the slightly creamier cream rises to the top of the existing pile of lovely cream. Or something.

    My own bet for the Best Blog from a Journalist category would be a toss-up between Jim Carroll’s On The Record and Michael O’Toole’s Crime, Ink.

    They’re two very different blogs covering two very different topics in two very different ways. Jim has been so prolific on his site and has mastered the short, sharp and regular blog post. Michael, on the other hand, has posted far less but it has been so enlightening when it comes to the world of Irish crime journalism (and Irish crime in general) that it is always worth the wait.

    I’m sure the most deserving site, be it either of the above or another, will win out in the end.