• Blog stats for 2008

    More for my own curiosity than anyone else’s – here are some stats from this blog for 2008:

    According to WordPress the blog currently has 577 posts, 95 of which were published in 2008 (compared to 154 in 2007).

    According to StatCounter the blog had around 21,700 unique visitors in 2008, compared to 16,500 in 2007.

    The two most popular posts are probably this one and this one (which suggests that I should review more things here if I want to draw the crowds in!)

    According to SiteMeter 43% of the blog’s readers are using IE7 while 36% are using Firefox. 16% are using IE6 while 4% are using Safari.

    Over 31% of readers have an Irish IP address while 24% have one in the UK; France and the US tie after that with 7% each (although there is an 8% segment of unknown origin).

    According to FeedBurner the site has 61 subscribers, 44% of whom use Google FeedFetcher.