• Ireland gets a new technology magazine with Click

    Ireland’s technology magazine market is pretty limited and has been for some time. When new entrants hit the shelves, which hasn’t happened in a while at this stage, they tend to sink without a trace relatively quickly. PC Live! Magazine is the only real exception and the only constant publication available at the moment.

    Perhaps it is a lack of enthusiasm for tech. in Ireland. More likely is the huge selection of British technology and gaming magazines on the scene at the moment and the fact that Irish alternatives can struggle to offer any unique content.

    Click Magazine is the latest attempt at breaking the genre open in this country and its first issue looks very polished. The design is good, the features seem relatively strong and the focus is broad enough (gadgets, gaming, DVDs, general tech etc.) to attract casual consumers without being so broad as to lose its purpose.

    The magazine is bi-monthly at the moment and hopefully its content will mature and develop in upcoming issues. More importantly, let’s hope the producers (Blue Lake, who also own the Game.ie website) have the capital to invest in the publication until it finds its voice and its market.