• Today FM / Newstalk news-room merges

    The previously reported merger between Today FM and Newstalk‘s news operations has come into place as of Monday, December 1st, with some notable sharing of staff already taking place.

    The previous plan was to bring together the ‘back-room’ news gathering resources of both stations – which share an office block on Digges Lane in Dublin – and to leave both players with their own independent ‘front-of-shop’ journalists; such as news readers and correspondents.

    However at least one ‘front-of-shop’ journalist that is already being shared is Conor Brophy, now business editor for both stations as opposed to just Newstalk. It is understood that Brophy will still work for Newstalk in the morning but will switch to Today FM in the evening; effectively meaning he will appear on The Last Word as opposed to The Right Hook during the drive-time slot.

    It was anticipated at the time of the merger’s announcement that reliance on freelance staff would be reduced and this is believed to have come to pass. Newstalk as a whole has relied relatively heavily on freelancers over the years, particularly with some of its more prominent shows such as The Right Hook. How the reduction in freelancers will impact upon these shows is yet to be seen.