• Superb video on those dangerous Dublin adverts

    Jazz Biscuit has linked to a Youtube video on those aforementioned dangerous Dublin ad-shells which puts my previous effort on the Dorset St. advert to utter shame.

    This video details the dangers posed by the new JCDecaux adverts which were agreed to by Dublin City Council and tells you what you can do to get them removed.

    It’s eight minutes long but it’s well worth your time:

    As the video points out at the end, pressure from citizens (which largely came from this thread on boards.ie) has forced the removal of the Dorset St. advert and there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for the others.

    As JCDecaux has shown that it cannot be trusted to erect these ad-shells safely – as is required within the terms of the contract they signed – I personally think this is the perfect opportunity for Dublin City Council to scrap what has been a bad deal from day one.