Dangerous Dublin advert, courtesy of Dublin City Council and JCDecaux

On my way home from town today I spotted one of the new advert “panels” that are being erected as part of a deal between Dublin City Council and advertiser JCDecaux.

But it wasn’t the advert housed within the new panel that caught my eye – it was the placement of it. I quickly pulled out my camera-phone and started recording and you can see the somewhat blurry results here:

Ideally I’d have liked to have filmed it from street-level rather than the top of a double-decker bus – as that way you’d get a fairer impression of just how dangerous this advert panel is for drivers and pedestrians alike – but this was the best I could do in such a rush. Unfortunately the quality isn’t up to much – that’s owing more to the compression on Youtube’s end than the quality of the original recording, not that that was all that superb anyway.

When I came home I noticed that Cian’s blog had mentioned it and that there was a superb in-depth analysis of the same panel and the conditions it’s supposed to follow over on Boards.ie.

Go check it out and bask in the glory of Dublin planning.

(The video above was filmed on an LG U990 “Viewty” which I will be posting a review of here in the next few days.)

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