Homework – Teleworking combats the daily commute (B&F – 19th June 2008)

The latest issue of Business & Finance (with a front cover story on corporate governance) has an article by yours truly on the problems stemming from “teleworking” or the mobile office.

The magazine is available in most shops or online if you’re a subscriber – I’ll put up the text of the article in the ‘Portfolio‘ section soon too.

Teleworking has been lauded by many lately as part of the ‘work-life balance’ trend we’ve seen grow in recent years. The fact that you only need a mobile phone to stay generally connected and the slow-but-steady growth of broadband availability in Ireland has meant that the dream of working from home is now a reality for many many people.

That said, there are plenty of downsides to the practice which may get overlooked when you think about it purely in terms of avoiding the daily commute. The article looks at many of these issues and the solutions that are there to avoid or minimise them.

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