• Tom Waits’ three nights in Dublin

    So after all of that, Tom Waits’ Dublin gig has been totally confirmed.

    The details:

    Three gigs in a marquee/tent in the Phoenix Park (entitled ‘The RatCellar’); dates July 30th, 31st and August 1st.
    Gig is rumoured to have a 6,000 person capacity.
    Tickets are €116 and €131 each, they go on sale next Tuesday at 9AM.
    Two tickets allowed per person – valid ID needed.

    I’m a little bit gutted because I really want to go to this gig but don’t think I can find €116 for next week. If I have that money in my bank account there’ll be other things I need to spend it on. In other words, as much as it pains me (which is a lot), I’m not too confident that I’ll be able to go.

    Maybe Tom Waits will be kind to me and give me a freebie – surely all the money he made from his chart placement at Christmas has to count for something!

    A man can dream. A man can dream.