• The Irish Blog Awards 2008 – My recap

    A belated congratulations to all the winners at this year’s Irish Blog Awards – and congratulations to Damien and his team of elves for the excellent show they put on.

    Over the course of the night I got the impression of a community that was far more sure of itself than before; as well as more diverse and well-rounded. As a result of this I can’t help but feel that the whole ‘blog’ thing is at a tipping point in Ireland, or maybe it’s best described as a crossroads. Either way I expect next year’s event to be even better than the last and to feature even stronger nominees, be they new arrivals or simply the ever-improving “old” ones.

    On a personal note I yet again missed a few people I was meaning to meet – but conversely met a few people I didn’t think I would. Everyone I spoke to was uber-friendly and interesting (even the woman who identified me as “the guy who leaves really long comments”… harsh but fair) and those I missed I’m hoping I’ll meet another time soon.

    So again, a bit congratulations to all those involved in organisation, all those nominated and all the winners – looking forward to the Web Awards!