• Firefox Firsts

    This isn’t the kind of thing I normally do on the blog but what the hell, let’s see if this takes off (and passes some time).

    When you start typing a web address into Firefox a list of addresses you’ve previously visited pops up to assist you, organised according to how often you visit them. (The last time I used IE it just listed them alphabetically but that may have changed since.)

    So, for example, when I type ‘b’ into the address bar ‘boards.ie’ is the first address on the list of suggestions because it’s the one I visit most often that begins with that letter.

    It’s an extremely useful browsing option because it often means you only have to type in one letter to get to a site you go to every day but it’s also an extremely interesting insight into the user’s internet interests and a damn-fine way for others to find sites they might like that have never heard of.

    So here’s my suggestion – willing bloggers take the letters from their full initials (including any double-barrel forenames or surnames, middle names and communion names etc.) and divulge their “Firefox Firsts” for each one on their site.

    So, for example, my full initials would be A.P.J.M. My firsts for these letters are:

    It’s surprising to me given the lack of blogging going on here on my part but there you go – my first ‘a’ is the page I go to to write up posts for the site. The link’s not going to be much use to anyone else so just out of interest I’ll point out that the next ‘a’ in my list was the Blog Awards website.

    Not the only web-comic I like but certainly the only web-comic I read religiously every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Well worth checking out for any gamer geeks out there – the archive is huge and should provide plenty of amusement for anyone with a spare day to kill.

    One of my favourites folders is simply entitled ‘Jobs’, and has links to various websites that sometimes display journalism-related jobs. This Jobs.ie search is one of those sites although I’d like to add that it’s absolute shite. In Jobs.ie-land, every job in the world fits into the Media/New Media category including Receptionist positions and an un-Godly heap of Sales and Telesales jobs.

    What more can I say? I have an RSS feed for Damien’s site in my Thunderbird account but I usually end up going to the site through Firefox to read comments and view any embedded YouTube videos anyway. Which is something I find myself doing an awful lot of the time!

    Now as this isn’t the kind of thing I’d normally do on the blog you’ll have to forgive my etiquette – are you supposed to link to loads of other blogs to try and get the idea out, or something? Answers on a postcard, or even a comment.