A senior source at IBA HQ has told me…

An hour ago I received a phonecall.

“I have information that could be big. Meet me at the McDonalds car park at 6pm sharp. I’ll be dressed as a covert spy. Don’t be late.”

The caller hung up before I could compose myself and say a word.

What should I do? Was this for real? Was this a joke or worse, a trap?

As a journalist I had no choice but to find out, I concluded. I had to go no matter what.

I got myself ready, left a note explaining my whereabouts just in case of the worst and put ’999′ on speed-dial.

What happened next, I can only disclose to you vaguely for obvious reasons.

There were codewords uttered and beige trenchcoats worn. Nervous glances were exchanged. As was a bulky envelope.

“For your own good, get this information out there as soon as possible in as many places as possible – if anyone asks, you don’t know who gave it to you.”

That’s all that was said. I nodded, and instantly began to run back to base.

The following content speaks for itself. This is explosive stuff. This is the longlist for the IBA2008 Best Newcomer Award.

(click the link below to read it)

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