• Nominations for the IBA2008

    In case you hadn’t already noticed, the nomination process for the Irish Blog Awards 2008 is well under way and is indeed nearly finished phase 1.

    So if you haven’t already you really should get over there before Friday and put forward your nominations for the various awards. You don’t have to nominate someone for all the categories, in fact you could just put a nomination forward for one category and nothing else, but if you fail to put your hat in the ring now you’ll have nothing to complain about when your favourite sites get overlooked.

    If you’re feeling extra enthusiastic you can also put yourself forward to judge the nominations… or you could even sponsor one of the few remaining unsponsored categories.

    Either way, it’s one of the few Irish web-focused awards that isn’t pay-to-play and isn’t run by those shadowy figures in dark and smoky rooms, so take advantage of it and play your part.