Science Week: In your opinion what was the best invention in 2007?

To celebrate Science Week bloggers are being invited to talk about the effect that science has had in their lives through a range of topics – each day the organisers will reward the best post with a Nintendo Wii console. This post is one of my entries to the competition.

“Q2 – In your opinion what was the best invention in 2007?”

The last topic and probably the hardest – for a start most inventions, even the best ones, don’t reach the mainstream until long after their actually invented so many gadgets and gizmos that were big in 2007 were probably creations of 2006 or even 2005.

If the topic were ‘In your opinion what was the best invention you first used in 2007?” I’d probably be able to find an answer easily enough – the DVR, perhaps… but it’s not.

So after much thinking and soul/google searching I’ve found a suitable answer – super-thin, super-flexible body armour – like this stuff.

Why is it such a great invention? Well for a start it’s mind boggling to see such a thin piece of flexible material absorb such a huge amount of energy and has plenty of applications in areas like sport, leisure and security.

Not convinced on its practical applications? Never mind, at the very least it has a tonne of entertainment value:

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