• Some site stats

    AdamMaguire.com was 2 years old in late July (and not a single cake or card), so I thought I’d take the opportunity to put up a few of the site’s stats and figures, according to SiteMeter.

    There have been over 22,000 visitors to the site in the last 2 years, around 1,700 of which came in August 2007 alone (that was the busiest month for the site ever too, it seems).

    Average visits per day is 48 and the average visitor stays here for 1 minute 25 seconds and reads 1.6 pages. There have been just under 36,000 page views over the past two years.

    43% of those visitors are Ireland-based. 16% are from the US and 15% are from the UK.

    Around 95% of readers have set their PCs language to English; French is the next biggest language with a 2.1% share.

    Windows XP is the most common browser at 68%; OSX is next with 14% and Vista is lagging behind Win 2000 with just 6%. Adding all the Microsoft-owned OS’ together brings a grand total of 83%.

    The most popular browser amongst readers of the site is Internet Explorer with a 52% share (across IE5,6 and 7); that’s just 9% higher than the share enjoyed by Firefox 1 & 2. Safari makes up the rest with around 5%

    As you can see from all of the above the site is quite a modest one, but a personally valuable one nonetheless. That value has become more pronounced as time has progressed with traffic picking up, especially from some very interesting google searches, and opportunities arising from an online presence increasing by the month.