• Site update

    This site recently turned two and passing that particular milestone made me realise just how much I’d neglected ever facet of the site bar the blog.

    The CV page was out of date, as was the About page, and not a single published article of mine had been uploaded to the Portfolio page since September 2006 (which wasn’t good considering the bulk of the work I’ve had published so far came along after that).

    The Portfolio page is my second busiest section of the entire site and is also the most important in terms of my career – as such it was an absolute sin to let it get stagnant like that.

    So I took advantage of our bank holiday weekend and got to work on updating the site.

    All the sections are now up to date and almost all my published work is available to read in the Portfolio section – the only articles left to put up are the 20-or-so from The Sunday Business Post that aren’t available on their website and need to be transcribed from the print copy I have. Once that’s done I’ll start the boring task of scanning and uploading each of the physical articles too.

    A whole new addition to the Portfolio page is the Radio section – this will house all of my radio and audio work, including podcasts from other websites (although it won’t house Dáil30 and it won’t be home to a new podcast… yet). Unfortunately a lot of my Newstalk appearances aren’t available at the moment but if I can track them down I’ll put them up too – for now you’ll have to make do with one Newstalk bit and one Last Word discussion.

    I also decided to take the opportunity to freshen up the site a tiny amount, namely in the images used for each section. They’re all real photos featuring my own papers/radio, scanned CV, notepad/glasses/pen, phone/letters and in my opinion give a more personal touch than the last lot of images; which were in some cases pinched from the internet.

    So, that’s one box on the to-do list I can tick.