How not to deal with unhappy customers

I’m probably the last blogger in all of blog-land to mention this, but it’s worth reading up on if you haven’t already.

Long story, short:
Damien Mulley (formerly of Ireland Offline) returns from the Reboot conference in Copenhagen and arrives in Dublin Airport to find that his bag is lost. He contacts the company in charge of baggage handling, Sky Handling Partners, and is eventually told that it’s in Cork Airport. Probably.

Days tick by and Sky Handling Partners continue to claim that the bag is in Cork Airport – Cork Airport say different. It materialises that the bag was in Dublin when Sky Handling Partners said it was in London, and then they decided to send it to Birmingham in order to get it to Cork. Damien is passed onto Aer Lingus (despite them having nothing to do with the whole thing) and finally someone is willing/able to help (despite it not being their problem). Piaras of Aer Lingus in Cork Airport thinks it’s still in Dublin and Sky Handling Partners just can’t find it. Damien calls Sky Handling Partners cunts.

Eventually the bag arrives in Cork Airport, with thanks to Aer Lingus. It ended up on a BMI flight from Birmingham, somehow.

Skip forward a few weeks and Damien gets a visitor who arrived there searching for “sky handling partners” (Damien’s “cunts” post is the second link in a google search for that term). The visitor wanders around the site for a bit. Next thing is, Damien starts getting confirmation emails for various dating sites only one email contains the IP of the person who applied in the first place… a reverse DNS shows the IP belongs to City Jet Handling Dublin, the former name of Sky Handling Partners. Cue more phone calls to Sky Handling Partners and more passing the buck on their part.

As Damien points out, the IP may now be used by someone else, but it’s not looking too likely. Either way the blog world is alight and the post has well over 2,000 Diggs at the time of publishing.

If this was the act of a Sky Handling Partners employee, they really need to be fired – all the re-training in the world couldn’t save them now.

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