What a day

I’m currently in the process of uploading (probably) my final interview for IrishElection.com and I have to say I’ve had a ball taking part in what was a somewhat hectic but very enjoyable day.

All in all the site has done very well to get some pretty high-profile candidates to speak to us and besides adding to the whole election process we’ve also highlighted the advantages of online media over traditional media, especially in the context of a media blackout or moratorium.

Congratulations to Cian and Damien on their hard work for the day although with the poll and count coming in between now and Saturday (and who knows, maybe even later!) it looks like the hard work has just begun.

Stay tuned to IrishElection.com for the final podcasts and for the election count coverage, which promises to be ground-breaking and extremely entertaining.

Oh and thanks to Michael for giving us a mention all the way from Canada – although I had to correct him when he said it was my site or my idea – I don’t want to take even a second’s credit for Cian and Co.’s hard work.

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