More journalists blogging

Damien flagged this the other day but it looks like The Irish Times has rolled out its fourth blogger over at

Mark Hennessy, the paper’s political correspondent, has started up the aptly titled ‘Correspondent‘ in recent days and has been giving some extra weight to the election’s ins and outs. The main blogs page does say it’s an Election 2007 blog, but let’s hope it continues after next Thursday and beyond.

It’s exactly what we need more of and it’s a great addition – now we just need David Davin Power to do the same over at RTÉ.ie and we’ll be on our way!

Another new blog, although one from a seasoned blogger, is ExPad – the blog of Markham Nolan, deputy editor of The Irish Echo in Australia and all-round nice guy.

Links added to the menu and may I present to you both this laurel and hardy handshake. Welcome and welcome back.

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