• Does this constitute false advertising?

    I recently predicted that, on word of the 29th Dáil being dissolved, my constituency would become coated in candidate’s posters despite been quite quiet until such a time – I was right. However, something about Fianna Fail’s offerings struck me.

    Sure, FF’s 2007 election campaign is centred heavily around Mr. Bertie Ahern, as Harry McGee points out, and I understand that every constituency’s FF candidates has a poster proclaiming them to be part of “Bertie’s Team”.

    I also recognise that putting the candidate’s surname first in huge letters and the forename second in tiny letters is a standard practice in election poster mechanics.

    But with all that in mind, couldn’t this count somewhat as false advertising?

    God forbid anyone here in Dublin North West thinks that Bertie Ahern is running for election in their area. Then again, I’m sure Noel wouldn’t want to pick up votes just because people like his brother and would be quick to correct any such error.

    (Oh, and oddly enough I’ve yet to see a poster for either FF Dub. NW candidate, both of whom are sitting TDs, that features their picture – they all have Bertie on them.)