• And so it begins

    Bertie snuck off to the Aras in the early hours of this morning to request the disolution of the 29th Dáil, which means that the general election campaign is officially on.

    Here in Dublin North West, things have been notably quiet up until now, with no billboards (bar the generic FF ones), no door-to-doors and only a handful of leaflets, most of which were your standard “newsletter” types. That’s probably going to change as of now.

    Ahern’s stumped for a Thursday vote, unfortunately, but it doesn’t look like he has escaped the airing of controversial claims against him at the Mahon Tribunal’s Quarryvale Module 2 hearings, which start next week (and must end 2 weeks before polling day). Maybe he thinks another slight against his character will give him a well-timed poll boost…

    Things should get interesting now, though, with most of the pre-pre-election posturing over and all the pre-election posturing to come. For political junkies such as myself, it should be an interesting month to come.

    And then there’s Dáil30 to work on once the country’s Government has been decided!