• Pointing out the faults makes it your fault

    Via Blogorrah comes a pretty spectacular piece of spin by Bertie Ahern on the issue of e-voting.

    Rather than accept that public money was spent on a system that turned out to be lacking a number of core security measures to ensure transparency and legitimacy, he elected to blame the opposition because they “took off on a political exercise getting in a few people from around the world to try and find flaws with it.”

    For a start, Fianna Fail are in a position to bash the opposition on a number of issues, but criticising them for demanding accountability at the very heart of our democratic system is not one of them. Secondly the opposition didn’t need to travel the globe to find critics – the commission set up by the Government did enough of that and it was their report that led to the system being canned.

    If Ahern had any dignity on the matter he’d admit the technology needs improvement, admit they made a mistake and stop trying to force Ireland to agree with him by playing up to our insecurities.