• Ireland.com gives us blog #3

    It’s great to see Ireland.com roll out yet another blog on its blog sub-site – Shane Hegarty is the latest into the breech with Present Tense, which is likely to be a blog of the weekly column which shares the same name. A big welcome to Shane!
    So far all that features is a repeat of Saturday’s column, previously seen in The Irish Times’ Weekend magazine, but here’s hoping it will feature a healthy helping of original content in the very near future, as does On The Record and PriceWatch.

    To make the news even sweeter, Jim Carroll makes it quite clear that more is on the horizon at Ireland.com/blogs, although he teasingly declines to tell us any more than that.

    The Irish Times seems to be taking careful but confident steps into the Blogosphere – careful not to run before it walks but confident enough to put its best foot forward and keep the momentum going. I’m looking forward to the upcoming additions to the site and whatever original uses the company can extract out of the internet as times goes on.