Tonight’s the night

With coverage in The Irish Times and Metro and features on RTÉ News, RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM, Today FM amongst others, even the most committed of ludites must know that the 2nd annual Irish Blog Awards is on tonight in Dublin.

I was away last year and missed out on the festivities, but I’m all set for tonight and really looking forward to it. Before it all begins, a final “best of luck” to all the nominees; I’ve already made my predictions but that list doesn’t always reflect the ones I want to win!

This being the first blog event I’ve attended, I’m a little bit anxious* and extremely intrigued about how things will go. For me, the night will be a chance to put a few faces to the (pseudo)names, and have a more direct chat with people I’ve spoken to a hundred times before, but only online. I’m also hoping to catch up with the handful of bloggers I’ve actually met in person already, and give them a cheer should they win any of the awards they’re rightly nominated for!

The one thing I’m really not sure about – how the hell do I introduce myself at this kind of event? Do we get name tags?! I guess I’ll have to either ask the people I know to tell me who the others are, or just wander around aimlessly saying “I’m Adam, who are you?” all night.

Anyway – see you there!

* partly because I’m bringing my non-blogger girlfriend along with me. Given that I don’t know what to expect only God knows what she’ll make of it all!

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