Had a busy week, coming up to a lazier one…

Today’s Sunday Business Post has the most work (probably) I’ve ever had published in one single edition.

Over the last week I was keeping an eye on the Media & Marketing section, a topic I really enjoy writing about, and it also happened to be the week a feature written by myself and another journalist (Ken Griffin, now of the Sunday Tribune) was published.

- Just as a point of information – the feature is aimed at businesses looking to cut their costs by going green, and was an interesting topic to work on – I just hope it’s of use to some businesses out there (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be).

Then, of course, there were my regular two news shifts – although these weren’t quite as productive as I had hoped, partly because some of Friday was spent writing on the JNLRs for Media & Marketing, partly because (as usual) plenty of ideas proved less than solid.
But now it’s back to normal and I’ve just got the two shifts this week – which is good, because I just bought Rayman and am expecting Zelda in the post tomorrow… it would have been disastrous had I bought those last week!

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