Introducing Dá

What I’ve been referring to as “the project” lately has just been (in)formally launched.

Dáil30 is my attempt (planned attempt?) to interview and podcast each member of the 30th Dáil Éireann once it is voted in – something I hope will act as an introduction to the people who lead us and as a snapshot of modern Ireland and a historic Dáil*.

I’ve been itching to throw this out into the wild for some time, having hatched the idea a fair while ago. Besides a handful of people I’ve kept it largely under wraps and I hope those who ramble over to the site will see the potential in it that I see.

The site itself is in its infancy and has plenty of work ahead of it – I expect by the time the podcasts begin it’ll be a very different place (I kind of hope so too!).

So please give it a visit and tell me what you think of the concept and the site – good or bad. Right now I’m looking for people to discuss and as time progresses I’m hoping people will be able to contribute their own ideas and talents.

* Besides being the 30th Dáil, it is also likely to be in sitting during the 90th anniversary of the 1st Dáil and will probably see out the first decade of the new millennium amongst other things.)

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