• Back in blog

    As the rest of today’s blog posts can confirm, I’ve had a pretty productive first week at the Sunday Business Post, something I hope will continue for the remainder of my month’s  work experience there.

    Any fears I had of being the tea-boy were quickly distinguished and I was given plenty to do on numerous topics and scales; all in all I’ve had an enjoyable week and an extremely beneficial one.

    Hopefully now I’ve settled into the environment a bit better and am delighted to have the opportunity of seeing a newspaper from the inside for once. I still have plenty to take on board and a lot of work to do on my own writing abilities (for example I have to get snappier with that all important opening paragraph) but I hope that by the end of the four weeks I’ll have a much greater taste for the job and a more tuned sense of what I need to do in different situations.
    I’m hoping to get back to blogging, even a little, during the week too; I held off last week while I let my body re-adjust to the new routine I was putting it through.

    Perhaps during that time I’ll start to work on my blog article on the differences between journalism in college and in a working newspaper, although that’s likely to come at the end of the four-week stint…