Busy month ahead

I’ve been very distracted over the last week or two for numerous reasons and as a result blogging has taken a back seat; unfortunately there’s more of the same to come in the next few weeks as my spare time is cut dramatically short; (something I’m not un-happy to see happen by any stretch of the imagination).
Tomorrow I am due to begin the first of four weeks work experience in The Sunday Business Post, something I am extremely excited about (if not a little nervous). I hope that over the course of my time there I’ll be able to get a feel for working in a real news environment, get the chance to work on some political/business stories and at the very least learn a few do’s and don’t do’s for the long road (that is my career) ahead.

I have no intention of ‘blogging’ my work experience so to speak but I do hope to talk about the learning curve and the differences between college/university and the real world of journalism at some point in the not-to-distant future. I won’t be abandoning the blog either, I just doubt I’ll find as much time as I had before to waffle away on it.

And now to begin my preparations for tomorrow; this generally involves me freaking myself out about what to expect and worrying that I’ve forgotten to do something, even though I know I almost certainly haven’t. Or have I?

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