• Huh?

    Apparently I’ve just won a Nokia N80 phone as a result of my advice to Roam4Free… wow… I really wasn’t expecting that to happen!

    I’m one of many that threw my 2c in to help with their site design and probably like the others I thought nothing of it since then, that said this couldn’t come at a better time; my soon-to-be-ex-phone (a SE T630) has seen better days; currently the little joystick doesn’t respond (which makes navigation and predictive texting impossible) and in an amateur attempt to fix it I pulled the outer screen off as well as the buttons… which didn’t help. It’s currently operating with a mixture of sellotape, blind hope and a tiny amount of magic.

    Many thanks to Pat & co., I’m really flabergasted; I’ll be sure to blog all about it once I get to grips with the thing, but going by all accounts around the web (and the spec sheet) I’m in for a real treat.

    I hope my advice to them came in handy too, and the best of luck to them as they bring their product to market!