MCD surprised at a litigious retort

Today’s Sunday Times features an interesting article on a civil servant who is taking MCD to the Equality Tribunal for the ill treatment he received at last year’s REM concert as a result of his medical condition.

MCD, currently attempting to fight the corner of the little man via a lawsuit against Ireland’s premier discussion site, told Mark Tighe of their surprise at this turn of events;

 MCD was surprised the case had been put in the hands of lawyers, Ridley said, as the company believed the matter had been handled satisfactorily and “all proper procedures had been followed”.

I know exactly where MCD are coming from; I’m seeing an increasingly worrying situation where people and companies are thrown a court summons despite them doing everything in their power to appease the aggressive accuser. I’m just glad that our responsible big-business’ here in Ireland aren’t stooping to that level too.

What does this Shane fella want anyway? Everyone knows that tickets to the most dreary band of 2000-2004 (beaten by Keane last year) completely makes up for the embarassment suffered when security guards accuse you of being a junkie/drug-dealer on account of your vital medication. I mean it was Shane’s fault anyway; he should have known better and had his doctor with him at the concert to avoid this messy situation, or better still stayed at home like sick people are supposed to do.

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