• Ray Foley should do his research

    A quick browse around Ray Foley’s site brought this post to my attention, in which Today FM’s voice of the tween-massive tells us where our “tax dollars” are going at RTÉ.

    His post is in relation to Rick O’Shea’s blog, which is now being contributed to by Amanda, a researcher from his 2FM show. Foley says;

    I see RTÉ are spoiling their DJ’s with far too many staff with far too much time on their hands. You can see for yourself on Rick O’Shea’s blog, where he has some RTÉ minion writing his blog for him now! So now you know where the tax dollars are going, floks (sic). The bloody Rick O’Shea weblog, that’s where.

    How cushy is that?

    I’m sure his implied sour grapes are actually completely in jest, after all, if he did a little bit of research he’d know that 2FM (along with the entire publishing division of RTÉ) recieves no licence fee money whatsoever (scroll to bottom) and is in essence a commercial station. What does that mean? It means that as a commercially funded entity 2FM can pay their staff to do whatever they want, just like Today FM.

    Of course it is also arguable that these various radio DJ’s and researchers are writing their blog entries in their own free time and using it as a show-plugging feature of their own free will, but that’s another matter altogether.