• Looking for a good digital dictaphone or HI-MD recorder

    I’ll be on the look out for a decent recording device in the next while; can anyone recommend me something that has the following (HI-MD or dictaphone are suitable);

    • Decent level of capacity (enough to hold a high quantity of content at a high quality)
    • Mic-in jack so I can attach an external mic and don’t have to rely on a built-in one
    • Where possible a decent built-in mic with a good range (not a must)
    • Allow me to upload all content to my PC as an mp3 or other non-propriety format.
    • Allow a range of record qualities; the higher the better.
    • Be as neat and small as possible (not a must either).

    Just to make it clear; I’m not looking for something to listen to mp3’s on as well; just a device that I can record interviews etc. on and will have a podcast (or higher) quality bit-rate. Naturally the cheaper the better but at the same time I know there’s no point buying a cheap device that will let me down very quickly.

    Any suggestions? All ideas much appreciated!