DRI may initiate legal action against the state

A bit behind on this; Mulley’s got it covered too.

Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) have contacted various state bodies to demand an immediate halt to the “collection, storing and accessing of personal private data on every citizen using a mobile or fixed line phone” which it says is “a breach of the Irish citizens’ statutory, constitutional and human rights to privacy, as set out in the European Convention on Human Rights and endorsed in Irish courts, in the European Court of Justice and in the European Court of Human Rights.”

The respective bodies (Department of Justice, Department of Communications and Garda Commissioner) have seven days to respond at which point DRI will initiate legal action.

Should such a case go to court it could set a huge precident in the Irish digital world and perhaps even have EU-wide implications. It would also be a landmark case for the Irish online community and its outcomes would have a definite impact on internet as well as phone users.

Articles on the issue appeared in the Examiner, Irish Times and Independent


  1. Correction: the Irish Times (subs not req)


  2. Oh… that’s rare!



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