Ireland on Sunday to change their name?

Maman Poulet points to the Guardian’s story on a name change at the Ireland on Sunday to The Mail on Sunday.

The move makes sense; the paper is owned by Associated Newspapers and since purchased it has always been an Oirish version of The Mail on Sunday, unifying the brand makes perfectly good sense, especially considering the fact that The Ireland on Sunday has failed to prove itself as a strong brand anyway.

What can we expect from the (Irish) Mail on Sunday? My bet is the same we’ve come to expect from the daily edition; they’ll probably lose more readers than they gain however.


  1. It is a very foolish move


  2. [...] Following on from previous threads and in light of the story doing the rounds on Associated’s losses in its Irish operations, once has to ask what the company needs to do to bag readers and most importantly, turn a profit? [...]


  3. “has always been an Oirish version of The Mail on Sunday”

    Excuse the random and delayed comments, I’m haphazardly catching up on a few blogs tonight… IoS wasn’t always a Mail on Sunday clone…


  4. Administrator 18/07/2006 at 16:20

    Wasn’t clear enough there; meant was always the Oirish version since it was bought out…! (edited)


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