RTÉ apply for DAB licence

It was only a matter of time, given the relevant success of the DAB trials earlier this year;

From RTÉ.ie:
RTÉ has today announced that it will seek a licence to begin a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio service on the east coast from Dublin to Louth later this year.

The announcement follows a successful six-month trial of DAB along the east coast involving RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2fm, RTÉ Radió na Gaeltachta, RTÉ lyric fm, Today fm and WRN.

The new digital radio service will mean that RTÉ can provide listeners with a greater choice of programming.

RTÉ plans to engage with the wider radio industry for nationwide DAB rollout once the new service is fully operational.

Commenting, Adrian Moynes, Managing Director of RTÉ Radio, said: “There is an opportunity for the radio industry as a whole to bring the benefits of digital radio to listeners. RTÉ will be working to involve all stakeholders – policy makers, regulators, commercial broadcasters and retailers – in the development of the future of radio on this island.”

What the service will consist of is still unknown; I had been hoping to work on this topic for the Sunday Business Post, and had made contacts with the relevant people in RTÉ, unfortunately after a muddle and a mix-up that fell through, although I’d imagine this is only the beginning of RTÉ’s DAB plans.

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  1. [...] Various newspapers have hinted at a possible defection from RTÉ to Newstalk to fill the gap Dunphy will leave and perhaps this is first blood for the PSB in what could be an ugly media war. With DAB radio moving from trial to reality there is every possibility that the roles of Radio 1 and 2FM will become more defined and focused, with more general programming from both being shipped into additional digital stations that RTÉ are due to establish, in this case Radio 1 would become a factual and current affairs programme, which is interesting as Newstalk begins to move more into the Arts than ever before. [...]


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