Magnet Entertainment Polish Package (SBP – 18th June 2006)

Just a small piece in this week’s Sunday Business Post;

Magnet Entertainment is to launch Ireland’s first triple-play package tailored for the Polish community. Magnet Entertainment Poland will consist of a phone line, 2Mb broadband connection and a nine channel digital TV package which includes Poland’s TV Polonia, TVP Kultura and TVP3. The package will retail at €54 a month with phone minute add-ons offering cheaper calls to Poland.

“We’re targeting the Polish community just like any other part of the population,” said Charlie Ardagh, marketing and sales director for the company. “We just tweaked the offer a little bit to suit Polish subscribers, just like we might up the broadband speed for those looking to do extra online.”

Ardagh also hopes to expand on the package over time to offer additional Polish content and phone packages.

“We’re also looking at broadcasting some other eastern European channels – ideally we would like to have something for everybody, for example we’re currently pursuing content for the Chinese community too.”

We’re in an interesting situation in Ireland now; never before have we had ethnic minority groups at this high level and never have companies here had to respond quite as much to the change. It’s an interesting part of multicultural Ireland and probably something that will normalise over time, but it really is amazing to see companies like Vodafone seek sales assistants with Polish as a first or second language, let alone create special offers for the existing community.
Catherine O’Mahony’s main feature on the topic, of which my piece is an aside, is very interesting and well worth a read.
See the Portfolio section for a scan of the article or read the actual article here.

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  1. Heh, yeah it’s mad. I’m half tempted to start learning Polish but by the time I’d have a handle on it, all the Poles will have gone back. I’m hedging me bets with whatever they they speak in Iran


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