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I’ve been quite quiet over the past few days on the blogging-front despite having numerous topics to discuss however that should all change now that my site update is complete (as you can see… hopefully).
It’s almost a year since I registered the domain and hosting and frankly all the action that took place on the site happened here in the blog, that’s why this new design was so badly needed.

So welcome to the unceremonial (and early morning) launch of the new site!!!
While the blog was originally one of five arms of the site (along with news, published, design and CV) it quickly proved itself to be the heart; updating the other sections was easy to forget over blogging and it was also much more like hard work.
Anyway, now the blog is the main page; visitors coming from will come straight here via a redirect (and that means that people using RSS feeds or going straight to my /blog section will still have the right link). I’ve reorganised the other sections too; news is gone (never used it anyway, the blog is best for updates), design is gone and in their place come the handy About and Contact pages.

Generally speaking the blog is the important part of this site, it always was; now the design reflects it; please let me know of any errors (dead links, bad links, image issues, etc.), I’ve run a few checks myself but I’m bound to miss something!

Later today we go back to the grindstone and get on with the blogging


  1. Congrats on the redesign.


  2. Administrator 10/06/2006 at 03:04

    Many thanks Piaras, seems to be working so far!


  3. Really like the new design. Very smart. Text in the comments box is TINY though.


  4. Agreed. The new look is very stylish. Well done.


  5. Administrator 11/06/2006 at 09:43

    Thanks for the kind words; yeah noticed that about the comment box text when I was responding to Piaras and I’ve yet to figure out how to fix it… I phoned in any abilities with CSS (trial and error while editing the original blog template) so it may take a while!


  6. Hello Adam,

    Nice site!
    Thanks for your comment on my Book 1.5 post. I used your comments to open a new post.

    All the best


  7. Thanks Eoin.
    Just noticed that the font size on the two sidebars is really big in IE… I suppose that’s what you get for using IE :D
    Interestingly the comment box text is a slightly better size in it though… a trade off I guess!!

    I must try out Opera just to see…


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