Setanta and Sky split the RoI TV rights

I wouldn’t call it an exclusive, because Setanta have gotten there just minutes before me (it’s still nice to be one of the first!), but I’ve just been given the press release which details the break down of the FA Premiership Football rights for Ireland.

Unsurprisingly Setanta and Sky share the spoils; with Sky taking 4 packages and Setanta taking 3 (including the Live Saturday package of games exclusive to Ireland)

Right click here for the full release.

More on the way.

Update: Just to add some comment to this whole thing; Setanta now hold almost 80 of the 170-something matches on offer, one point of note is that Setanta and Sky both bagged the exact same packages as they did in the UK.
This moment has been what NTL/Chorus/UPC has been waiting for since it took Setanta on its cable/digital package, holding almost half of the UK Premiership rights at no additional cost is sure to be the central theme of the next NTL advertising campaign.

Premiership League news piece. 

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