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It seems that some bloggers didn’t quite get my point on “monoblogging” the other day, so I think it would be an idea to clarify my point.

I’m not saying that too many bloggers are talking about blogs, but that the conversation that follows only seems to get going when the issue is blogging. The majority of “controversies”, campaigns or serious debates on blogs seems to be about blogs. That’s not to say that debates and discussion is only about blogging, but no other topic seems to create quite the same attention and interest amongst bloggers as blogging. It makes sense, I suppose, after all it’s the one thing we all have in common and it’s the one thing we all have some level of faith in and hopes for but at the same time it’s sure to be a turn off for those outside the community when the majority of hot discussions are about something they aren’t that interested in.

A fair responce to that is that bloggers don’t blog for their audience but for themselves, and I agree completely, but readers turned off from day one never have the chance to make the transition from audience to contributor.
Of course, bloggers as individuals and as groups will talk about whatever they want, and long may that be the case; forgive me for voicing the opinion that a lot of incidents of discussion tend to focus on ourselves and no one else.

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  1. Fact Checker 29/05/2006 at 11:57

    Its become an unfortunate aspect of blogging in general and irish blogs in particular that they have quickly become clique-ish and self-congratulatory. in addition, large swathes of the blogging community have taken on all the same qualities of the media they’ve set themselves to be a counterweight to. i think the reaction to your succinct earlier comments would bear this out – many in the blogging community really are just poor imitations of the print press commentariat


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