I don’t mean to get too personal…

I hate to blog about myself but just to explain the lack of movement here over the last few weeks.

I’ve just finished and submitted my final projects for my final year of my degree and have finally returned to Dublin, once and for all (back since Saturday). Couple this final deadline rush with the finality of my beloved (read: rubbish) laptop finally packing it in making all things online have been a little bit more awkward than usual.

I am tempted to start a “give me money so I can buy myself a fancy mac” type campaign, but I think it’s pretty crappy to lift other peoples unique uses for their blogs and websites (just look at the long list of milliondollar[whatevers].com sites that appeared a few months ago). With that in mind, any donations are still gratefully accepted (contact me for payment details). Until such a time as I can afford a new machine I’ll be operating from an aging desktop made by ‘Medion’ (who? I hear you cry… while I simply cry).

 Anyway, normal service should resume here pretty sharpish, once I settle back and get used to all my spare time.

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