• Digital TV remains on the starting blocks (SBP – 9th April 2006)

    The development of digital television in this country remains clouded in uncertainty.The tender process for the Government Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) trial is due to conclude by the end of April, with the pilot programme on track for an autumn 2006 launch.But broadcasting representatives have said that a mixture of caution amongst the networks and a lack of political progress since the Broadcasting Act of 2001 have left RTE, TV3 and TG4 unable to develop plans for new services and ideas.

    In todays Sunday Business Post I take a look at the slow-moving process that is Irish DTT; it was an extremely interesting piece to work on. Originally the piece was to be a round-up of all Irish broadcasters (including those whom only exist on Cable/digital at present) intentions towards the future DTT service. When it became quite clear that the big three were currently playing a waiting game the focus shifted.

    As it stands only TV3 are willing to make any firm commitment on new services for DTT, and even that was a basic statement of intention. DTT is at least two years away from a nationwide launch so there’s still time to change this, as the piece notes however, it’s not the broadcasters that are dragging their feet.

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