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Just to point out a few minor changes to the website that I’ve just made;

As mentioned yesterday I managed to get a digital copy of my college newspaper, The Dhúlaigh Reporter and have now transferred the relevant pages to jpg format and uploaded them to the site. You can find the entire News section of the newspaper (which I designed) here (click Page Layout).
You can also find images of the hard copy of articles I wrote for the publication on the relevant article pages; featured here (click print).
I only recently realised that a number of images used on the site weren’t linking properly; this was because the link to the source had a capital letter in a title where there wasn’t one in the actual folder. Bloody internet is so picky! Anyway, these problems have been resolved.
My CV, which was about 6 months out of date, has been updated.
Now, onto the most important change I’ve made. The News section; which I intended before to update regularly, has been upgraded to a WordPress-based blog. It looks the exact same but it allows me to easily update it as I just have to log on, type and publish rather than open the html page in Dreamweaver MX, edit it, save it, open up WP_ISP and upload it (along with any images included), check it and make sure it uploaded properly and perhaps go back for an edit.

Any updates will be mentioned here from now on but will probably be summarised here with a link to the News section which would include more detail.

Have a look, and tell me if you see any problems.

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