• NewsCorp continues onward online march

    This hasn’t gotten half the coverage that the Intermix Media buyout recieved, but in my opinion it’s just as important.
    NewsCorp have aquired IGN Entertainment in their second big online purchase. That means that IGN.com, gamespy.com and rottentomatoes.com (and more) are all now under the control of the Fox News owners.
    After buying Intermix, creators of myspace.com it became clear that Murdoch was not bluffing when he promised to take the Internet seriously. With rumours abound that they were eyeing up Skype very few people expected this sale to happen, just like the surprise sale of myspace.com a few months back.
    This may not mean anything in the short term and may simply be a way for NewsCorp to bulk up its online department even more, but you can be sure that IGN will be just as ad-heavy as before. I will be interested to see if this has any effect on Nintendo, who have signed up Gamespy to run their upcoming online services for the DS.