• Checking In

    What a week to be away from a computer.
    The on going crisis in America has certainly put the current US administration under the spotlight. The US media has seemingly found its teeth once more and is finally representing those who want answers. The politicians have given those in control the space they needed to get to work but they are already becoming impatient and are certainly ready to hit hard at those at fault. As I said before, this is something that can not be blamed on extremism, terrorism, religious intolerance or cultural divides. This is an out and out failure by those in charge in America.

    The fact that George W. Bush is to head an investigation into these failings is another great insult sitting a top the great pile of insults that the American public has been forced to suffer for the last week.

    I hope to go into more detail tomorrow. There are a lot of things to be said and there are a lot of people saying them. Some have more knowledge, some have more at stake, some have more criticisms to make but everyone has a right to question this.
    Until then I will be catching up on the trials of our friend The Interdictor.