Podcasting project; pt. 1

I’ve spent the last number of weeks working on the foundations for an upcoming podcasting project, and now I’m moving it into its next stage.
The basic premise of the show is this; Irish media professionals talk about the ins and outs of their jobs, the experiences they have had in them and the tips they offer to newcomers. The idea is that each episode will cover a different aspect of the Irish media, be it journalist, radio presenter, PR agent, Camera man, producer or editor. From each show listeners will be able to gain a better understanding of the job, prospective media students will learn a few important rules of their chosen career and job hunters will get a helpful push in the right direction. This is more than a ‘beginners guide’ though, and I hope it will cover more than the basics of each field.
As it stands the project is still in its infancy. A number of people have contacted me expressing an interest in the idea and I have begun to contact a number of people I feel will create an interest. I have not decided on a limit to the amount of shows (although a minimum of six would be a nice start), nor have I placed a show length; the beauty of podcasting at work.

What I would like is for your help. At the moment I am looking for people interested in being interviewed for the show. If you work in the media and are interested in the above idea, please e-mail at the address on the right (removing the appropriate text, of course!). It doesn’t matter what your job is, once it’s in the media. It also doesn’t matter if I get five people doing the same job, diversity on one subject will add depth to each topic.
I am also looking for ideas for the name of the show. I have one or two in mind, but would like some outside assistance too. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

If anyone has any other ideas, suggestions, comments or whatever; please leave it on the comments page or even e-mail me. I hope to start work on a website for the project towards the middle-end of the week, and have the bones of it live by next week. I also hope to begin recording interviews over the next month, with the first due to be recorded on Friday coming.
As my schedule gets pretty hectic towards the end of September I hope to have most if not all of it complete by then, at which point I will upload the first part.

Thank you all for any help you can provide or any suggestions you make. I am really keen to make a show that is as enjoyable as it is interesting or at least fail in style!

Finally, I would like to point out that I will be constantly reporting back to this blog on the progress of the project, so keep an eye out to see how things are going.

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