Apple to make a bold Dell move?

The last two years have seen Apple computers rise in popularity once more. The ever improving style and performance of these machines has taken them away from the hardcore into the mainstream, and the so called Halo effect from the iPod has given the once nerdy system a vast and young audience with plenty of disposable income.
The mac mini was the first big step to sweep up as many borderline PC users as possible with the argument of price being taken out of the equation and replaced with awe at the sleek, tiny and powerful little beast.
Some would argue that the switch from IBM to Intel chipsets (along with the push Apple are giving the graphical capabilites of their machines) is another step towards the mainstream but rumour has it there is another big move coming soon that will be a definitive shove forward for the currently niché machine.
I have been told that Dell, the PC giants are due to stock Mac machines once the Intel switch is complete (2006/07 I believe). I’m not sure if such a rumour has been passed around already, but my source heard it straight from the horses mouth.
Such a move isn’t quite as unlikely as it seems. While Dell are self-sufficient when it comes to their machinery, perhaps they see a nice little earner on the side. The agreement would also help Mac, pushing their product forward to the public as well as giving it the huge network of supply that Dell currently maintains. It is also unlikely that Mac computers would be too much of a threat to Dell computers as no matter how popular they become it will be a long time until they offer what the average Dell user would like (games machines or simple home computers).
I would imagine that there will be no stocking of Macs for Business’ if the deal is a reality though, as this could be potentially damaging to Dell’s operations.

It’s an interesting rumour, and one that we will have to sit on for now. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it is made official at Mac Expo in September (assuming it is to be believed). Jobs will be giving more details on the Intel switch and there is always a huge surprise at the event. Put that with the fact that the information seems to be common knowledge amongst Dell workers, I’d say this is beyond early planning stages.

Please do comment, I’d be interested to see what people think about the idea, it’s probability and workability. I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen, but it would be a big move for both companies to make.

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