• Google maps

    With my upcoming trip to England in mind, I recently took a spin on google maps, to see just how well everything worked. Google tend to make very nice software and I wasn’t let down here at all.
    With the postcodes of my new home and new college in hand, I was able to locate them on the map and get directions from one to the other (as well as travel time). Once I had that sorted I could also search for the nearest pub, chipper and newsagent. The important things, you’ll understand.
    Certainly some great work by google, the intergration of a local search and satellite photographs alongside Google’s ability to make idiot-friendly software means that Google Maps works an absolute treat.
    I also noticed today that you can look around Ireland too, and you can get it pretty damn close with the satellite images too. My only complaint being the fact that the search function doesn’t seem to be up to much (You can put some of the blame on Irelands non-existant post code system).
    So if you’re going to England for a while or a week, try it out. You could easily plan your entire trip from the comfort of your own home and without having to fork out for stupid fold-out maps that make you go blind.